Contract Tablet Production

Taking BYB Pharma, contract tablet manufacturing service provides you with many advantages. You can benefit from all of our experience by making contract tablet production. You will be able to complete your contract tablet production comfortably by supporting you in every field. Apart from these advantages, if we detail the production of contract tablets, we produce our multi-station "rotary tablet press" by offering different volume, length, color and coating alternatives. We produce in our production lines with wet or dry granulation methods and food Good Manufacturing Practices (Food GMP) standards. After contract tablet production, the pressed tablet will need to be put into a blister pack or jar. The product is then ready for sale by labeling and boxing. You can complete all these processes effortlessly and easily by getting contract tablet manufacturing service.


Contract Capsule Production

Hard Capsule Production: With our very fast rotary machine with press-push technology, we are still encapsulating two-piece hard capsules, which are considered one of the most preferred forms. Soft Capsule Production: We produce soft capsules using only the best raw materials and control them in accordance with the most stringent quality criteria. The relentless tests and analysis we carry out before the market supply allows our products to be consumed with peace of mind. You can turn your ideas into reality by getting contract capsule production service from BYB Pharma.