Turn-key Production

The company that wants to sell products through freight production does not have to have any production facility, but it does not have to have any production experience. Considering that production and R & D are very complex processes, all these processes will be managed by the manufacturer company and the company that makes contract manufacturing will stay away from the complexity of these processes. The production process followed by the Quality Assurance team ensures that the products are always the same quality and continuity.

Meeting & Idea Phase & Projecting

Before all stages, we would like to get to know you and introduce ourselves. What we consider the key to success is through understanding each other.

The first thing we will do is to agree on what category, what kind of products you are planning. We will provide you with the basic data, references we have about the product categories you are planning, and we will get your opinions.
While determining the product categories, we will offer you various suggestions and support with our experience, but we know that the most important thing is your idea and concept.
After the final decisions are made in terms of product content, we enter the planning process as a company. We start working immediately to provide you with the first sample.

Sample Offer

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In this direction, we offer samples of the products you plan to produce. Sample work is also required for obtaining legal permissions and completing the necessary and / or requested analyzes.

Packaging and Label Design

Together with our business partners, the most suitable packaging is selected for the product and conformity tests are carried out. Then, our experienced design team offers you special packaging design solutions. These packages will be prepared and presented to you in digital environment, and you will have the chance to make revisions according to your requests.


After completing your approval and down payment process, we will start a production process where we will manage all stages personally, in accordance with the framework formed as a result of all the meeting, planning and R&D stages we have made for contract product production. Production will be carried out in accordance with the laws of the country and the pre-planned timetable.


At the end of production, we will deliver your products to you and continue to provide all support for the products.